As advised in the Society’s News Letter and at the 2021 Annual General Meeting, the Society is planning to seek members’ consent at the 2022 Annual General Meeting to convert to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The consent of the Charity Commission will also be required.

The current status as an unincorporated charity means that the Society has no legal personality. It cannot enter into contracts in its own name, but only in the personal names of its trustees. The conversion to the more modern structure is a route many charities have taken to ensure that the Society can act in its own name. The fiduciary duty of the trustees is not affected, but it can be easier to attract new trustees to a CIO than to an unincorporated charity.

At the 2022 AGM members will be asked to vote in favour of a resolution to dissolve the current charity conditional upon the Charity Commission giving its consent to the establishment of the new CIO. The business of the old charity will seamlessly transfer to the new one once the Charity Commission approved the new CIO. The new charity will have a new number, but the same name and the same charitable objects as the old one.

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