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Spring 2021

This issue of the News Letter includes the following:

  • A summary of the extensive contributions to the Society by Helen Lefroy, who reached the age of 100 in April this year.
  • Brief article by our Chairman on the present circumstances, including an observation on the potential benefits of on-line events and interactions.
  • An outline of the Society’s AGM in July, hosted by Chawton House and presented in an on-line format.
  • Brief indicator that the Society remains optimistic that the Annual Conference will take place in York in September.
  • A range of short articles related to recent activities and issues with the Society.
  • Diary of Events currently organised for 2020/21 by Branches and Groups in the UK, plus relevant contact details.
  • Report from the Jane Austen House Museum on the present circumstances, and proposed activities in the forthcoming months.
  • A similar article from Chawton House, highlighting the introduction of their new on-line events programme.
  • Brief, but detailed, account of the life of the Reverend John Calland, rector of Bentworth, 16 miles south of Basingstoke.
  • A delightful range of photographs by Northern Branch member, Alan Thwaite, from a selection of Society Conferences over the past twenty years.
  • Details of a September exhibition by Regency Wardrobe at Firle Place, East Sussex, displaying examples of clothing and accessories from the period.
  • Full details of the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Pear Tree Church in Southampton, a venue familiar to Jane Austen.
  • A detailed account of a very impressive Zoom talk by Professor John Mullan to the London Branch on Emma, against the background of Regency life.
  • A selection of memories of Deirdre Le Faye submitted by Society members, following an invitation in the Autumn News Letter.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the stoical qualities of a range of female characters throughout the novels.
  • Detailed survey of a wide range of Zoom-based lectures and events linked to Jane Austen, organised in both the UK and overseas.
  • An analysis of the frequency of references to Jane Austen’s novels and characters within the novels of Hugh Walpole.

Book Reviews:

  • Jane Austen: The Missing Pieces by Harvey T Dearden, Independently Published, £8.99
  • The Time Traveller’s Guide to Regency Britain by Ian Mortimer, Bodley Head, £20.00
  • Lady Susan (Facsimile Manuscript), SP Books, £140 (available at www.spbooks.com)
  • Art and Artifact in Austen, edited by Anna Battigelli, University of Delaware Press, pbk £18

Back page:

Amusing response to the competition that appeared in News Letter No 55, followed by a light-hearted overview of a selection of the articles in that edition.