The aim of the Jane Austen Society is to promote the life and works of Jane Austen and of the Austen family. There are several ways in which members and others can support the Society. For more information about any of options set out below, please contact:

Become a trustee

The role of a trustee is to pursue the Society’s aims within the framework of the Society’s constitution

and Charity Commission regulation

The Society is particularly interested in appointing as trustees those who:

are serving academics in a related field; or

are interested in event management; or

have a marketing background.

The Society wishes to achieve diversity amongst its trustees, which in the case of the Society means that applications from men are encouraged as well as applications from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Become a volunteer

If the commitment of becoming a trustee is not something for which you yet feel ready, it is possible instead to become a volunteer. The Society has a small number of volunteers, whose dedication is much appreciated. Thomas, who has run the X (formerly known as Twitter) account since the Autumn of 2021 says: “The role has been particularly fulfilling to contribute my social media skills, using X as a platform through which to broaden the reach of events beyond the membership and to engage with a global community of Austen enthusiasts.”

Make a financial contribution

Like all small membership charities we rely on member subscriptions and occasional donations and legacies to finance the Society’s aims. The Society will be looking to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth in 2025 and some have made a donation with this in mind. You can make a donation by tapping the Donate button opposite.